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About Jatin Sharma

Jatin Sharma: son of Shri Shyam Sundar Sharma, state award winner is an artist and entrepreneur. After completing post gradation in M.B.A (Marketing) in year 2012, he worked in Airtel as a team leader. But having a strong desire to contribute in the field of art being a part of artistic lineage, he made it as a full time career. He used his previous experiences and started online marketing. He is currently managing shree art workshop.

Pichvai Art

At present, I am associated with Pichvai art and keeping the Pichvai in a traditional way. Pichvai art is very ancient art. Which is made of gold and made from squirrel hair made of brushes. Pichvai that are made on clothes, the Pich means the back and the meaning of vai is the brazing. That is why it is called Pichvai. Which is made in the temple of Shrinathaji at different festivals every day. Like a celebration

Wood Carved Painting

At present, Wood Carved Painting is also going on very fast, which is made by the work of coloring on the excavation of the clothes and by printing of gold. In this, idols of all kinds are made.

About Family

The painting has gone from generation to generation in our family. The name of my grandfather's grandfather, the painter who was the head of the temple of the Pichvai art. From there we are coming to do Our ancestors came here from Anor village along with Shrinathji. This is near Mathura. He died in 40 years. Jodharaj ji, son of Raghunath ji was a very famous painter. At that time he used to create pictures of poaching and Pichvai. (Jodharaj ji) his son, my grandfather Chaturbhuj ji Sharma and his brother Madan ji Sharma

The painting of both of them was well-known. Grandfather Sin Cinerers and Grandfather's brothers used to make pictures of hunting.

And he used to make photographs of time rides and portraits of leaders.

Family Tree